We have years of experience representing clients across television, radio, and podcasts.
These include BBC2’s is flagship comedy panel game television quiz show QI (and associated elves) since 2013. We work hard to consistently create inventive, effective and memorable PR campaigns that cut through the noise in order to reach the right audiences.
The year of digital entertainment
Television, radio, and podcasts have always been core to our business, and this has never been truer than during the pandemic when many shows that would have traditionally been performed live, have shifted to a digital format. We have provided PR for a slew of new podcasts and digital performances our clients have produced over the past year.
Television, podcast and radio clients
How Europe Stole My Mumchannel 4QIBbc 2No Such Thing as A Fishpodcast
BT Sport’s
The Football’s On
Hosted byIan Stone and Doc Brown
Museum of Curiosityradio 4

Set List:
Stand-Up with Out A Net
Sky Atlantic
Menkind podcast
Hosted bycomic Mark Watson and
Bake Off favourite Michael Chakraverty